Thursday, August 31, 2006

My Family!

Oh, y'all got jokes! If you guys don't know what I'm referring to, see the comments that were left for me on the last post. Gia, thanks for the reminders, but I bet TONY left that last message. Shame, shame, shame!!! Anywho, here's the update to the list:

22. Gianetta & Wallace's One Year Anniversary
23. Wallace's Birthday
24. Thanksgiving (That's a good one, Gia)
25. Aunt Theldra's Birthday
26. My Dad's Birthday
27. Jaden's Birthday
28. - 11,000. Nikki Getting a Job

Note about #28 to #11,000: Tony, I promise that there will be ramifications and repercussions! Believe it!

Funny, I just received an ANNOYING phonecall. It seems that my cousin, TONY, is declaring war on me. He told me, and I quote, "Cuz, I'm starting the fire." And I responded, "Well, then I've got the gasoline."

TONY!!!!! Looka here, man, you don't want none of this here, Cuz!!! You get your new job and now you want to put me on blast? It ain't fair, and it ain't right! Anyway, aren't you the same dude who was tearing up at the wedding? Yup, it was you.

But bring it! I'll be waiting....................