Monday, August 28, 2006


A self-taken photo: Driving from Georgia to visit with Paul in Tuskegee

Last night I attempted to write a post, but my internet service appeared to be down. This wasn't such a bad thing since I should have been editing my long, anticipated novel. And instead of heading upstairs and getting right down to work, I called Paul and whined on and on about my writing abilities and so forth. Saturday night I'd spent up until 10 p.m. at the bookstore, browsing through any and every kind of book. This can be a very therapeutic exercise, or it can cause writers block when I'm feeling easily intimidated. This particular evening it centered me. I hadn't been to the bookstore alone since before I was pregnant--now I usually bring Sir and we chill in the baby section. Anywho, including my bookstore adventure, my aunt's death has had a big impact on my writing career (yup, I said career). Things seem more pressing. My mind seems clear and ready to process that which had seemed harder two weeks ago.

Well, after whining to Paul (and listening to him agreeing with me on things just so that he could get back to his important graduate thesis that's holding him captive in Tuskegee) I dived into the book. I left my window open and allowed the cool, 59-degree breeze to blow ideas around my mind. I edited; and I edited; and I edited. I edited until 1 a.m. when I finally just had to stop myself. I've now cut the book down to 313 pages and I'm on page 78 of those 313 pages; this being a big step from when I couldn't seem to move past page 32.

Something is brewing in the air, and I must ride the natural wave that the God and the universe are supplying--even if that means I lose as much sleep as I lost nursing/changing Sir through the night. And I guess it's worth it. I've spent enough time bitching and complaining about some of my life's purposes; it's time to put in extra work on some of them. And hey, the timing is always right. Always.

Once again, one of my favorite excerpts that I'd posted for you guys not long ago--this is a great time to revisit it:

From the movie
The Kama Sutra

Knowing love, I will allow all things to come and go
To be as supple as the wind

And take everything that comes with great courage

Life is right in any case

My heart is as open as the sky

AP, I keep checking your blog, waiting for my muse to return with some wicked prose.