Thursday, August 31, 2006

21 Things To Look Forward To

1. Thembi and Peanuts home
2. Tasha's new business endeavor
3. Erica's school opening
4. Sir starting gym class next week (if the money's right!)
5. Paul completing his graduate work in the upcoming weeks
6. Kessa making progress on starting her practice
7. LuCiana's new job
8. Marquita going back to college
9. Kimani's injury healing
10. Tony's first paycheck
11. Erika's (this is my Erika with the K, not C) senior year in high school
12. Preston's birthday
13. Gia's birthday (rumor has it we're all going to Atlantic City for her bash)
14. Thembi's birthday
15. Nikki Ann, Paul & LuCiana's birthday on the same day
16. Seeing Deb and Zoey at gym class--haven't seen them in months
17. Autumn & its Fall foliage
18. Piping hot dressing (some folks say stuffing, but they are two different things)
19. More and more rowdy kids heading back to school next week
20. Sir frolicking in the colorful, fallen leaves
21. Cool, fresh, misty morning dew

My life is motivated by the progress of my family, friends, and Mother Nature. I am looking forward to all the upcoming changes for the fall. There are so many exciting things happening for all of you. Just know that although I'm not good at phone calls, I think of you all often; it's these thoughts that help to keep me going. When you reach for your goals it is a reminder to me that I too must continue to strive; that I am capable of fulfilling my dreams. Thanks for being my inspiration.

Mother Nature, you are an amazing woman. And it's your myriad of faces that keeps life growing and changing. So much has been sewn over this past summer, and I am grateful for the harvest that we are all about to reap.


Miss Nikki Ann (Your Fan)