Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Time Has Come

I am going to try to post as often as I can, but I am now fervently and feverishly editing my novel (it's after midnight, and I'm still typing away). With the responsibilities of motherhood and all the other activities that comsume my time, I must use all of my extra minutes to work towards my goal of finishing this editing process. I believe that I would be at a loss if I posted here everyday at the cost of not working on my novel--as I am in faith that this writing endeavor shall soon pay my bills. Hey Crystal! "Let that be the reason that I get this thing done." And plus, when I do, I owe you a trip to Rio! Girl, I can't wait. We ain't got nothin' but faith and patience in God's great plan for me.

I love y'all and I'll send my regular emails when I've added a new post. This would be a great time to subscribe to the blog so that when I do make a post and I don't have time to send the email update, you'll automatically get the post to your email box.

Ang, your kind ear played a big role in my decision to slow down and focus on what I need to do (along with my girls at the book club meeting asking when they can read my book--imagine that!). You and I shared one of the most intimate journeys together (Ang and I met online. We were both pregnant, single, and due two weeks apart.). If it weren't for you picking your phone up at 8 o'clock this morning, my anxiety attack might have consumed and defeated me. You were my angel. And for that, you deserve your own rubber duckies, damnit! LOL!

Tasha, thanks for the chat! The things you told me about the seminar were motiviating.

Kessa, you know you crazy, right?

LuCiana, I'm looking forward to our day at the spa.

Tunisia, book club was great. You were an amazing hostess.

Melissa, it was good seeing you at Ria's.

Deb, I miss you guys!

Preston, um, how long is it gonna take you to have your nephew's horse painting framed? You bum! I'm starring at it right now, propped up against some door in the basement. Sad, sad, sad.

Thembi, um, how do you deal with that bum?

Gia, hey Cuz!

Keyla, keep baking that baby!

Paul, do you even read this? MEN!!!!!

Kirk, do you even read this? MEN!!!!!

Subrina, can't wait to see ya'!

Erica, Luz-Maria-Nana-Nina, love ya!

AP, all fears aside, let's do this...

Dear God,

My faith is the only working vehicle that I own. May this novel be the gateway to many great things for me.