Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Spring 2006

Isom and I have been spending a lot of time enjoying springtime. Last week I pulled out the camera and took some shots of the our wonderful findings around the yard. I don't know about him, but I was inspired by this tree that we have in the front yard that blossoms with beautiful white and pink flowers every year. A few years ago, when I was writing my first novel and the desk was facing out towards that tree, I caught a glimpse of these teenage girls (probably about 12 or 13). I was amazed as they stopped and took notice of the tree and its blossoms. They adored the tree with ooohs and ahhhs. The young women didn't know I was watching; so of course they didn't know all the blossoming possibilities that I saw in them--the fact that they noticed such simple beauty gave me hope. And I wrote the rest of my novel with that brilliant moment in mind.

Last spring we were blessed to have a bird's nest in the backyard. Dad and I marveled at watching the mother come to the nest with worms for her babies. And I was so moved as I watched the baby birdies open wide for her to provide them with nourishment--I was pregnant at the time, watching this new mom made my day.

This year we have a nest in the front in that beautiful tree that those young teenagers loved. Everyday I watch as Mrs. Birdie sits faithfully on her eggs, instinctively knowing that she must nurture and protect them. Sometimes I take Isom in my arms, walk up to the nest, and address Mrs. Birdie: "Look, Mrs. Birdie!" I say as I point to Isom. "I have one just like you." And I swear it seems as if she knows what I'm saying. She looks me dead in the eyes and seems calm and assured that I'm not there to do her or her eggs any harm--just two mothers sharing a moment. I can't wait for her babies to hatch. I'm looking forward to watching her feed and tend to them.

Anywho, I've been missing you guys. Having the computer in the basement has it's problems, there are way too many things for Isom to get into; so I can't take my eyes off of him long enough to type. My old writing space was babyproofed and Isom could go about without my watching him so closely. Anywho, I do find time to write at night, but I try to reserve that for editing my novel and doing other creative things. But today I was just itching to communicate with you all and so I put Isom down for a nap, which I knew wouldn't last long. He's crying now and I need to go and get him.

I love you guys. And I have received so many powerful emails and phonecalls from many of you. You guys are my inspiration. AP, there aren't enough words or tears to express my gratitude to and for you. Erica, you are an amazing woman, and I think of you often as I navigate muddy waters, trying to make it to an unknown destination. Your progress reminds me that I will arrive. Soon.

Looking for something to put in his mouth!

Everything goes into the mouth!

Fallen Blossoms

Ahh, Mrs. Birdie!