Sunday, April 16, 2006

I Just Have To Say This:

People, you must spend time with your kids!
What do you mean, why?
It's the only way to make this world a better place.
Just turn on the news and see these psychotic children and adults doing inhumane things,
and ask yourself:
How much time, effort, and energy did their parents/anybody who's willing to care put into them?
Side note:
Yes, there are some folks who seem to have had perfectly good upbringings and still turn out to be psycho. I'm still meditating on that one. And I think I've found some answers to that one too, but that's another story

And for those of you spending time with your children...
Job well done!
For those wanting to spend more time...
Do it!
For those who don't give a damn...
Then you, too, probably suffer from psychosis. Go seek help.
A thought:
Work to make enough to provide, but don't work to where your children are neglected or taken care of by someone else.
We Americans are always so busy striving for the NEXT level of income that we don't realize that we don't need MORE! Generally speaking, most of us have probably been blessed with more than our parents could have ever dreamed of. Stop believing the lie that you need more. More is fine if your children are taken care of spiritually, mentally, and physically.
One way to find more time for your kids:
Decide to quit that part-time job that you work just to be able to buy more stuff, and use that time with your kids.
There's NOTHING wrong with material goods. The problem is when you aspire to them and it interferes with spending quality time with your kids.
People, you must spend time with your kids!
Households with double incomes:
More than likely, you ain't got no reason not to spend time with them babies!
Households with one parent and one small income:
That's another story, and we ain't even got enough time, but, try to find really nurturing folks to help in the caring of your children. And despite how much your parents get on your nerves, that may mean living with them (it's a blessing to have parents who are open to that!).
There is a trend in adult MARRIED children moving back home to their parents' so that the financial burden isn't there and so that there's a bigger family unit to help nurture the children.
Fact (for my black folks):
These ain't just po' black married couples doing this, white folks is doing it too.
What that tells me:
I believe that some of us are now realizing that family is more important than any material good. That if our world is in chaos, all the money in the world won't make us happy. That the way to ending this chaos is to find more creative ways to raise and nurture our children.
Some cultures are taken aback by the American family unit and how it consists of only two parents and the children. They wonder how we financially and spiritually make it with so many demands being placed on two people without family and community support.
It's late, I'm tired, and I need to rest so that I can have the needed energy to nurture my child come tomorrow morning.
Yes, I could be working a full-time job and sending Isom to daycare.
Daycare would cost me so much that it almost wouldn't be worth it to work.
Other Fact:
Don't think I'm a fool, a sista will generate cash, she's just faithful that she will find something that fits into she and Isom's life.
I'm faithful that all of this time and energy will help to shape a better Isom, Nikki and World.

Added tidbit:
All of these words on this page are things that I, too, try to adhere to. I take many doses of my own medicine everyday.