Monday, April 17, 2006

Hi Anonymous!

Today I am responding to an anonymous poster who left me a comment yesterday. And I just want to say that all of you are in my thoughts.

Dear Anonymous

I am a single, full-time mom of an 11 month old. This may sound vague, but, for a living, I live. I step out on faith each day and try to cease the small and big opportunities that come my way, and they are always present. Some time ago my therapist pointed out that my old anxieties about providing for myself and my son weren't real because we have more than we need: we already have LOTS of fresh, homecooked meals, a WONDERFUL roof over our heads, and IMMACULATE clothes on our backs (and lots of activities, road trips, toys, family & friends). And ya' know what, all of this transpired by faith. Simple. I promised myself and my son that I'd take his first year off to nurture our relationship (Being a single mom, it really means a lot that I do this. I want us to have an unbreakable bond). After his first birthday, I will follow whatever direction spirit leads me--I have always lived my life this way. And I'm too ignorant to try any other stressful ways of living--my amazing dad nurtured this in me. Throughout my life my dad has always said, "A job only ties you down." Hmph! Sometimes I don't give my dad's genius enough credit.

As far as balancing and juggling, I try to remember that we can't and WON'T accomplish everything in this lifetime. It's best to pick and choose the things that matter most to us. Be careful of how you spend your time. You don't have to bake cookies for every event, you don't have to have perfect hair and nails, you don't have to have your kids in 5 million different activities... Just do the things that best serve you and your family. And don't let anyone make you feel bad just because you decide to opt out of a doing some things. My friends and family know me well; at any given moment I will up and change my mind about a decision I've made. If I feel as if my schedule is too packed, I cancel on some stuff. And in the first place, I don't really like busy schedules, so it's rare that I overbook. I try to take life at a slow and steady pace so that I can enjoy it all. But that's me. And that way of living might bore the next person.

My last tidbit: Examine the word obligation and what it means to you. I'm a spiritual being, and I feel that if there are any obligations they are only to my God and my soul. I allow them to lead the way.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and writing me.

Miss Nikki Ann