Tuesday, April 18, 2006


For those who don't fully understand me, let me be clear:

I try to live my life by FAITH.

I understand all of life's physical and visual demands. I understand what the stock market, government, television, gas prices, history, etc. try to tell me. I understand that my way of living is contrary to the bondage of society.

I only try to live my life by FAITH.

I know many think that I should get a job or yadda, yadda, yadda...

I only try to live my life by FAITH.

My only concern is what my God and my heart tell me to do, and each day I listen for those instructions, even if they appear to seem strange (many times spirit has whispered to me to quit a job); amazing things grow from God's strange requests on us.

I don't think that money or financial power determine the outcome of our lives or how we should live. In my belief, only GOD determines that.

My family is far from rich, but through God we've accomplished lots of things that it APPEARS only rich folks should accomplish. And what does that tell me--it ain't about money or power. It's about God and our faith that he moves mountains (and our belief in the amazing things that Jesus said we are capable of).

I only try to live my life by FAITH.

I believe my life is meant to be a testament to others who are looking for ANOTHER way to live. I try to speak to those who are ready to live that way.

I know lots of you don't believe in faith to the extent that I do (example: I believe that FAITH can pay bills and put food on the table). And it's okay, we're all meant to live different experiences. My blog is about FAITH and the endless possibilities it brings. I welcome those who are ready and willing to try to live by this blind FAITH.

If I didn't live by FAITH, I would not be the person you guys know today. I would not have accomplished all that I have. My life is a testament that money only matters if you don't have FAITH. When my FAITH is in tack, I accomplish more with $0 than I do with thousands (trust me, this has really happened for me.).

So please, understand that I'm not trying to be "normal." I'm trying to live by FAITH, and in today's times, that is far from the norm.

One last tidbit:

It's funny to me how lots of folks claim to be of religions that are FAITH-based but are afraid to live by faith, and allow money (or the lack of it) dictate who or what they can be.