Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Ocean Job Lot Saga

Okay, I'd like to thank everyone who took the time out to remind me about scheduling my appointment (and there were many of you!). Now for the sad news. I'd called my friend, who also has keloids, and had gotten her doctor's information (mom and I saw this friend the other day and her doctor is doing a great job with her keloids). When I phoned the office, the secretary informed me that the doctor is NOT accepting patients right now.


Great. So, I'll have to go with some other options, BUT, I did accomplish my goal. And let me say that the ONLY reason why I remembered to call the doctor is because of your reminders. Thanks! And remember, I need someone to keep reminding me until I've made an official appointment.

Also, thank you for your wonderful emails and comments. I was overwhelmed by the response.

As special hello to: AP Manque, Steven & Teressa

New business:

Ummmm…Ang, I'm happy to hear that "your honey" is out of jail. Enough said! And I can't wait to hear that whole story. **Nikki clears her throat**

More business:

I go to therapy tomorrow. I NEED IT.

An interesting story:

Over the Christmas holiday, I spent a lot of time mailing eBay items to winning bidders. There was one item that I needed a small box for, and per my mother's advice, I decided to venture to Ocean Job Lot (I think that's what it's called) to purchase this box. Here's the rundown…

The Ocean Job Lot Saga

Miss Nikki walks into Ocean Job Lot and spots the box she needs.

"Great," she says to herself. "The box is only a buck like mom said it would be."

Miss Nikki proceeds to the cash register and chooses to go into the empty line.

"Yo' Marcia," one cashier yells to the cashier in Miss Nikki's lane. "Marco been calling you like mad, yo'"

"So what," Nikki's cashier says and sucks her teeth.

Nikki hesitates, but places her stuff on the conveyor belt.

"I'm sayin', yo'. He just keep callin'"

"Whateva!" Marcia answers as she swipes the box across the digital reader.

Nikki continues to watch as Marcia swipes it over and over again.

Marcia sucks her teeth and says, "Dang, yo'! I hate dis job. Why don't none of these things work, yo'."

Nikki looks down at the "dollar" box and contemplates telling the Marcia the price, but then changes her mind.

Marcia stands and looks disgusted as she sighs in frustration.

Nikki contemplates running over to get another box with a price tag.

Marcia finally says, "Yo' Sue. I need a price check on dis."

Nikki notes that the lazy a*& cashier could have walked over to check the price her damn self, but she refrains from getting angry--heck, she is in therapy, ya' know.

Marcia ups-and-walks-off and proceeds to go to the other cashier's lane. She gets on the phone, and appears to be talking to the guy who'd called her earlier.

"Damn, yo'," she says to dude on the line. "I thought you was supposed to meet me at the school, yo'. That's some foul stuff, man. I thought we was supposed to be hookin'-up and stuff. Whateva' yo! Cause I waited fo' you to call me…"

**And blah, blah, blah. You get the picture.**

Nikki is standing in disbelief.

Moments later another woman gets in "the OTHER line." Marcia, who is standing in "the OTHER line," says to the lady, "Hey Lady! Dat line ova' there is da' only one dats open!" She says this as she frantically points at Nikki's line.

Seconds after that, Sue comes back with the price check.

"Marcia, it's a dollar."

"What, yo'?" Marcia yells over the phone receiver.

"I said, it's a dollar."


"The box! It's a dollar!" Sue yells back.

Now, Nikki, AND the other customer behind her, wait in line as Marcia continues with her conversation with Marco.

"So what we gonna do, yo'! Is we hookin' up or not?"

**Blah, Blah Blah. You get the picture.**

This exchange goes on for at least another 45 seconds. The lady behind Nikki asks, "Is there a cashier here?"

Nikki mumbles through clenched teeth, "I think it's her. And I feel like I'm in the twilight zone."

Seconds pass.

Nikki starts thinking to herself: I don't need this. I'm not spending my money where I'm not wanted and appreciated. See, this is why folks shouldn't take jobs that they aren't passionate about. Hell, when I worked at McDonalds I as passionate about it. No, it didn't pay much, but I took pride in my service.

**Blah Blah Blah. You get the point.**

The customer went to ask Nikki something as Marcia continued to flap her gums on the phone. Nikki adjusted her jacket, wrapped her scarf around her neck, and the left the store.

The next day, Nikki went to another Ocean Job Lot, right in her own town. She ran in, grabbed the same dollar box and proceeded to the line. She was greeted with a warm smile and friendly chitchat as the cashier rung up her stuff. And from that few minutes in line, Nikki learned that this cashier had a lot going on in her life. She had a son and a husband, and the family was working with one car. She needed to leave work and pick her husband up to bring him to work. A customer, whom the cashier knew, was in the store and offered to take her husband to work.

Nikki grabbed her bag, was wished a happy holiday and headed home with her $1 box.

NOW. Do you see where I'm headed here?

Here it is:

1. Both women had the SAME job at the SAME store and were probably making the SAME measly pay. But one woman saw it as a curse, and the other saw it as a blessing. Which one do you think will wind up managing her own Ocean Job Lot for better pay and more opportunities?

2. When you work a job that you aren't passionate about--a job that makes you miserable--you make others miserable.

That's it for now.
I'm off to bed (maybe I'll edit my book for a bit). I look forward to hearing from you guys. And continue to spread the word.