Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Morale is a Little Low

Not feeling too hot today. But maybe if I entertain you with a quick anecdote I'll be able to laugh at myself, and then I'll feel better.

Picture this...

Last week, Miss Nikki Ann looked at her calendar and found herself in quite a pickle. She realized that her bills were coming due, and that she didn't have a dime to pay them. Now, the old Miss Nikki Ann (before Isom) would have found a great job in the matter of a week. Problem solved. But, the new Miss Nikki Ann is committed to staying home with Isom until he's one--throws a wrench in the finding a job option.

Added information: Any of you who know me, know that I'm always complaining about my $70,000 student loan debt and a good $20,000 in credit card debt! Yup, those figures are real.

Question: Enough already, what did Miss Nikki Ann decide to do about her bills?

Answer: I usually rob Peter to give to Paul (or just ask my dear friend Paul for money!) and write a check from one of my many credit cards and then pay my bills. This time I decided to send out for more credit cards with lower interest rates, so that I could consolidate all of my card debt. Bad move. Folks only gave me $750 credit lines, opposed to the $15,000 credit lines I'm use to getting.


I then proceeded to apply for a personal loan (um, I've already got one I'm paying off now for $6,000). The lady on the phone ran down all the questions and then told me to hold on. She said that it'd probably take a few minutes to process my application for the $12,500 loan I was seeking (Like I need that much more debt. Boy am I silly).

One second passed. Two seconds passed.


The representative was back on the line in TWO seconds with a big:


Then she had the nerve to hang up really quick.

I couldn't believe it. I'm never denied credit. Credit used to be my bestfriend.


Added information: I've never missed a bill payment in my life. EVER! I always pay my bills and I pay them on time. But for the first time I was contemplating not paying them. Just giving up.

But, as we know, I'm a hustler at heart. Actually, I'm just blessed, but hustler sounds way more exciting and dramatic. Some way, somehow things always come together. I just paid a bill the other day with money someone had owed me. And just today, I deposited $25 from eBay sells into my account.

What I like most about being down is that this is when God works his miracles. This is when life gets good. I know something is brewing, and I can't wait to see how all of this turns out.

Anything is possible.

And for those who are shocked about how open I am about my debt:

I feel that when we open up and tell our stories it lends to help someone else, and in return, it also helps us to truly hear and see ourselves so that we can do better. And anyway, those weren't even close to ALL of my debt figures!!! I know it's not funny, but laughter gives me the strength to fix my situation.

Anywho, I'm gonna update my calendar with the dates my bills are due. If you're up for a laugh or just want to pry into my life, check it out at: http://my.calendars.net/missnikkiann.

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