Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Hmmm...I've Been Thinking. AGAIN!

Someone asked me to post pics of Isom. Here ya' go!

Okay, I haven't got much time. I'm supposed to be editing my book (remember that novel I finsihed writing 3 years ago! LOL).

So, I've been doing a lot of brainstorming, meditating, and reading. I THINK (I ain't fo' sho'), but I THINK I've come up with a good idea for something. You guys be on the lookout, and wish me luck--actually, what I need is prayer.

You see, as we know, my problen isn't "being short of ideas." My problem is "following through with my ideas." I don't even have time to name the numerous things I've started and then given up on, got bored of, or simply didn't follow through on.

This time, I'm taking it slow.

My therapist (I think therapists are great--if they're good!) pointed out somethings to me that I think MIGHT help me to follow through on some of my ideas. One of the steps to FREEDOM, that's what she's working on with me, is Organizing My Options. Sometimes I forget that I have more than a few options. There are millions of ways to do something. I just have to broaden my thinking. Think limitlessly. In the past, sometimes I've given up because I couldn't see that there were other options.

*sigh* I love Kathy, she's the best. I only have about a month of therapy left, and I'm gonna miss her. But like she told me today at our session, she's gonna be sure that I have all the tools I need to continue to make progress.

Like I was saying, I'm excited about my new idea, but I want to work through all the kinks and patch up any holes before revealing my idea to you.

Now, I'd like to thank everyone who responded to the last post. You guys gave me great advice and motivation.

Someone left a really nice post, but the name said anonymous. I'd really like to know who that was. And even if you don't want everyone to know, shoot me a private e-mail at and let me know who are.

Now, scroll down and take a look at the end of this post. There is an envelope with a black arrow on it. Here's the deal with that. You can click on that to send my post to a friend/family member/boyfriend/coworker/undercover lover... Or, if you have a friend/family member/bartender/dog/cow whom you'd like to add to my list, shoot me their e-mail address to my e-mail at or leave their e-mail address in the "comment" section. I'm trying to find more people to entertain, and hopefully they'll read something that can help them in their lives.

Tunisia, send this to Rachel. Tell her I miss her. And what's her website addy? I know she's been selling some great stuff. And do you have a website for that amazing hot sauce you make. If not, you should!!!!

I've added some stuff to my calendar, go nose around!

I'll chat with you guys later. Off to editing.

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