Saturday, January 28, 2006

False Alarm

Sirens raced by the bedroom window.

Mom called from her room, "They're headed around the corner."

I jumped up from the computer desk, and looked out of the window. Red and blue lights flashed as the excruciating noise of the vehicles' emergency cries raged.

I ran into my mother's room--she was on the phone with Aunt Theldra--and yelled, "I need to call Neighbor. We cain't be missin' out on somethin' like dis. Ask Aunt Theldra if dat house next to door to her is burning down again--you know dat lady got bad luck."

Mom said, "She said no, the sirens are further down Jackson Road."

I was still way amped.

"Well, you think I should call neighbor?" I asked.

"Yeah, girl. Y'all need to see what's going on."

I dialed Neighbor's number and started yelling into the phone, "Neighbor! Neighbor! We need to take a ride."

She said, "I'm headed outside now Neighbor!"

I tiptoed into my bedroom--Isom was asleep in there--and quietly grabbed my shoes. I then raced to the closet and grabbed my jacket, and I was out the door before I could zip it up.

As I was running across the street, Neighbor was already backing her car up to get me.

"Get in Neighbor!" she yelled.

As we whizzed around the corner, we began toying with possible scenarios. Maybe it was a fire. Maybe there was a fight.

When we found the "situation," there were cop cars, firetrucks, and ambulances. The cops had blocked off the street, and folks on this usually quiet street stood outside and watched as we all had to make u-turns and go back the other way.

Neighbor turned around and parked the car on the side of the road.

To our dismay, some of the emergency vehicles began to drive off immediately. We didn't spot any fire and we didn't see any physical confrontation.

"Damn, I cain't believe we came out here fo' nothin'," I said.

"Naw, Neighbor," she said, "we just lookin' out for our people. Makin' sure it ain't somebody we know. Let's see this one as a drill. The next time we'll know exactly what to do."

"I guess," I said with obvious disappointment in my voice. "No excitement for me tonight. No fight or nothing! A waste of my time. But yup, I'll be ready for the next time."

Neighbor drove us home, and I called it a night. Until...

I got a phonecall from a friend of mine who was headed to an "adult" store to purchase some handcuffs for her and her man. She was hoping to find something for $4, but soon found out that cuffs can run from $13 to $40! She hadn't been able to cash her check, and only had the $4 on her. I said, "Please, girl!" She left the store without the cuffs, but I think she plans on going back to get them on Monday. She spotted this cute guy driving an Acura with tinted windows, and we chatted and wondered about who he might be (like we know everybody on the face of this earth). He headed towards McDonalds and she headed home.

And now I'm just sitting here editing my book. It's been an interesting day. Isom fell off the bed for the first time--and it was very uneventful.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I plan on going to church, bookclub meeting, and Uncle Robert Earl's birthday party (in that order).

I'm off to do a little more editing.

Here's to my finishing this editing before my 90th birthday! Cheers!

Amor y besos!