Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ebony & Ivory

Old Business:

As of today, 11 people have extended the "VINE" to our dear friend (even though we don't know her!) Ann who's trying to lose weight. My goal was 10 people, and you guys have exceeded our target. So, that's one CONTRIBUTION down and another to go. But please, feel free to continue to support Ann at
http://amidestinedforever.blogspot.com/--I just left her another message today!

The other "VINE" we're working on is for the Atlanta Bilingual Child Development Center, also known as "ABCD Center." I just placed my donation, and I am positive that at least one other person has, too. I'm thinking maybe there are more, but only one person has confirmed. If you have made a donation, please let me know. I'm trying to keep count in hopes that we'll reach our goal. I'm looking for 7 of us who'll donate to the ABCD Center this week. So we have 2 donations down and 5 more to go. Here's the link if you need more information on the center: www.ABCDcenter.org. And if you'd like to make a donation, click here: http://www.abcdcenter.org/donate.html.

More Old Business:

There are a couple of you who haven't confirmed your subscriptions. To do so, you must click on the link in the email that was sent to you.

New Business:

Mrs. Coretta Scott King, may your legacy live on and your hardwork not be lost on the younger generation's ignorance and apathy.

Here, Coretta is pictured with Rabbi Marc Schneier. I chose this picture for personal reasons. Isom's best buddy, Zohar, is Jewish just like Rabbi Schenier. For Matin Luther King's birthday, Zoey's (as he is affectionately called) mom and dad sent me this touching letter:

Dear Nikki,

We, in past years, have merely been grateful for the the general good brought about in our country by Martin Luther King. This year, you have gotten us thinking about the more personal benefits reaped by King's work. Without this notable American's contributions, we probably wouldn't have the opportunity to be friends with you and Isom.

Having lived abroad for a fair length of time, we witnessed racism and antisemitism alive and well in Europe, in societies that are often held up as more liberal and enlightened than our own. As much as there is left to accomplish, and as many problems that there still are left to solve, the existence of this day as a national holiday demonstrates that we as a nation know what's right and that we have it as a common goal: that all Americans are entitled to equal rights. As Jews and advocates of womens' rights, we are grateful for the attention given to someone who gave his life to the cause of forwarding equality for all Americans.

Happy Martin Luther King Day.

Deb and Wayne

And this one line really stuck out to me:

Without this notable American's contributions,
we probably wouldn't have the opportunity to be friends with you and Isom.

Thus, I am so grateful for the contributions made by Coretta and Martin (behind every great man is an even greater woman--in my opinion). Without them, my life wouldn't be as culturally rich and diverse as it is; and many of the opportunities I've had, wouldn't have been options.

I am so tickled when I watch Isom in class with his white classmates. I'm amazed at the freedom Zoey takes in pulling on Isom's nappy afro, and how Isom grabs Zoey's white hand. Just today, Isom was upset with Zoey for pulling his hair. But hey, at least no one was "hung" or "whipped" over it. It was just two little American boys, playing together. Jewish and Black. Strange. But oh-so right. We tried to get them to make-up, but, it's hard to get 8-month-olds to do anything they don't want to do!

So, I'll miss Coretta. And I hope that her inspiration will lead us to continue her legacy.

**Nikki stands up, lifts her hands to the sky, and says, "Thank you Coretta and Martin. Thank you, thank you, thank you."** (I really did this, feel free to jump up and do it, too!)

And don't forget that tomorrow starts Black History Month. Yea! Y'all go and enjoy that WHOLE 28 days! So what if it's the shortest month of the year? There ain't no conspiracy! Heck, get crazy and celebrate every month, dang-it! As a matter of fact, you're black 365 days out of the year; so why not get radical and do it big everyday! Head out into the streets and shout it loud: "I'm black! I'm black! I'm black!"

**An onlooker of another color passes by as you're shouting in jubilation, and he thinks to himself, "Well, isn't that obvious?"**

Ha Ha!!!

I'm going y'all. Have a good one.