Monday, January 16, 2006

Dr. King's Birthday

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It was a wonderful MLK day. Preston, Isom, and I spent it in the car, heading home from D.C., listening to the Wendy Williams show. Wendy spent time discussing Dr. King, and we got to his clips of his speech. I can remember the time when we actually went to programs. Now that I have a little one to teach, I think I'll resume that tradition.

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Here are the results from the week of January 9th:

Total Number Of Surveys Taken: 17

  • Will you be doing something, other than sitting on your butt, to celebrate King's birthday on its official holiday, Monday, January 16?

  • Base: Total Votes 15
    3( 20%)Yes, going to a program, etc.
    2( 13%)Yes, I just don't know what yet.
    3( 20%)Dang, I hadn't thought about it.
    5( 33%)Nope!
    2( 13%)Martin The Luther, who? Is he Irish?