Thursday, January 26, 2006

American Idols at Heart

Old Business:

In total, we left Ann (the weight loss lady) 6 comments! Thanks guys! I was hoping for 10, but I ain't complaining. And if you didn't get a chance to leave her your comment, feel free to do so at: I'll be checking in on her blog, and I'll let you guys know how she's progressing.

And while I was checking out your posts, I noticed that some of you have taken the initiative to start your own blogs! Wow!!! My friend Crystal has started a blog with her boyfriend. Right now there's a post up about her gallbladder surgery, but I spoke with her today, and she says the blog will be about diabetes (her boyfriend is diabetic). She says they'll be putting work into the blog this weekend. When they're finished, with her permission, I'll give you the link to their site.

And I want to thank all of you for the positive comments and emails. I'm happy that we are all here to help and support one another. Let's keep the "VINE" going.

GUESS WHAT? I scheduled my doctor appointment!! Yea! The appointment is in early February, and it is now officially on my calendar: A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped to make this happen.

New Business:

So, I just watched Tuesday's American Idol this morning (thank God for Tivo, it's the best invention for busy people AND folks who hate commercials). On this episode, this WONDERFUL woman by the name of Rhonetta was auditioning. At first glance, I thought she was a stripper or part-time ho. But, it turns out that she truly believed she had talent. She waltzed into the room dressed in a skimpy white skirt and sequenced halter top, which showed of her jiggly belly.

And please note: I have NOTHING against jiggly bellies, I'm only describing this young hooker, oops, I mean, lady.

Second note: I was only teasing about the hooker thing.

**Nikki clears her throat**

Her audition was scary and lackluster, and there was no way she was getting through to the next round. After her audition, she proceeded to rant, rave, and cuss about the judges (a lot of her cussing was funny, though). She made fun of Paula Abdul and basically called her "over-the-hill." She probably wanted to call Paula "talentless," but probably refrained as she realized that Paula's bank account could blow hers out of the water.

After the audition, the cameras followed this woman for a bit as she kept up with her shenanigans. In the final scene, we see her dishing out more cuss words as she crosses the street and is almost hit by a car.

OH CRAP!!!! Lawdy, lawdy, y'all. I am over here laughing my pants off. A picture just came to my mind. There's this one take where she's doing this dance and her skirt (piece of small cloth) flies up and they have to blur out her unmentionables. It was sick!

I mean, here was this beautiful (at least she was to me) dark-skinned sister with this long, blonde wig on.

Please note: I have a wig collection--so I have nothing against wigs. Just haven't ventured into blonde, yet. Hmmmm...maybe I will.

It's sad because the people on this show want attention so badly. I don't mean "look at me I've got real talent" attention. They simply want to be recognized for anything--period. A lot of us are so thirsty for recognition and acceptance that we'll do anything.

Side thought: Hmmmm, maybe my webpage is a cry for attention. Wow! Maybe, at heart, I'm an American Idol Wannabee. **Nikki gasps for air**

These contestants think they want fame and fortune, but the real issue is the need for the human spirit to feel as if it's apart of something--apart of a community in which it can be safe, loved, and recognized.

So, I laugh at these people, but maybe they're nothing more than a mirror image of me.

Question: If your baby were crying for your attention, and you knew that all you had to do was play pee-a-boo for a minute to soothe her, wouldn't you do it?

Here's my point: All we're doing is playing peek-a-boo with these people (the contestants). We give them an outlet. A moment to have their shine. And if Simon Cowell hasn't broken their spirit before the audition ends, I think they leave out stronger people, and as the audience, we get the opportunity to be thoroughly entertained.

Anywho! It's FRIDAY! What are you going to do with your weekend? Email me or leave me a comment about your weekend plans. And to see what I'll be up to, feel free to nose around my calendar:

That's pretty much it for this week. Unless something moves me, I won't be posting anything until Sunday night (but you guys with the subscriptions will receive automatic updates if I do post this weekend).

You guys have a kick butt weekend!

**Man, I can sound so corny!**