Tuesday, July 09, 2013

BE-ing Grounded

See the trend but do not panic.  
I repeat:
Do Not Panic.
You have more time than they say you have.
News machines are contagious.
Research the contagion.
Be sure that the contagious contagion is worth the drama.
You have time to window shop.
Most of your life is--and will be--spent waiting.
Just because something is repeated and hammered to death every minute and every second of our waking day does not mean the medium is magically moving any faster. 
It is perfectly safe to consume less frequently--or even abandon the vehicle.
Don't forget to tuck, drop and roll.
You do have it.
It is not lost.
It is not wasted.
But sanity...
Drink it up before the expiration date.
Drink it after the expiration date.