Saturday, May 11, 2013

Coffee and Outlook: Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)

From where I'm sitting, today is proving to be just as impressive as all others.  We humans never miss a beat when it comes to slow shock value.

Let's look at it:  Noam Chomsky asked Professor Stephen Hawking to boycott an academic Israeli conference--and Stephen was down for the cause.  

We can rightly assume that this intention will grow massively as very little time passes.  This particular issue (Israeli powers) had been thawing from the freezer that American had placed it in.  Noam's push was a move for somebody (hell! ANYBODY) to finally tackle what is eating away at many souls:  The war on "ordinary" Palestinian people.  

Ordinary.  The working class.  Folks who just want to get on with the tasks that nature deems important: eating, sleeping, pooping, peeing, and procreating.  Mothers and grandmothers who have no idea who Chomsky is want to continue to do the job that is innate.  Men?  Well...that's too long of a story.  A story that time is addressing, a story that is bound to write itself when we women take the time from eating/sleeping/pooping/peeing/procreating-raising-children.

Where are we?  We are at the part where President Obama has to slowly tweak his speeches on how he feels about Israel and American Jews--he needs them more than he needs American Negroes.  With that being what it is, common sense Americans are finally realizing that Chomsky's microwaving of the formerly thawing issue is what it is going to take to accomplish what the BDS and so many others want:  the freeing of the ordinary Palestinian people.  

I guarantee that we are about to see some historical changes unfold.  Hell, the fact that I am even taking time to blog about it speaks loud and clear.