Monday, September 26, 2011

Welcome to Shyt? Monday we are, faced with yet another Monday (unless you're in Antarctica, where it is already Tuesday).  What will we do with our time?  How will we treat one another?  If you are like the average human, you will probably go about your day doing things as you always have (rest assured, this is normal, do not freak out--I've already been down that road this morning and have suffered it for you).  But...if you are awakening to the fact that you have unlimited possibilities (maybe not resources), then today could be the day that changes everything, that sets you on a fresh path in a different direction.

No matter what, though, you will live (unless you die).  And that is the most certain of all things.  So if you find yourself stuck in the mud, call for help.  And if you call for help and help does not're shyt out of luck.

Fact:  Luck is known to be ever changing, so hang in there until you breakthrough that shyt.

"Be good.  Be patient.  Be away from shyt as much as humanly possible.  Be in the moment if you are covered and drowning in shyt."

~MissNikkiAnn, who is so full of shyt, as we all are