Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Wait

I'm at my auto mechanic's shop having my air conditioner charge; so I thought I'd say hello to my blog page: Hello page.

Summers are not my disabilities' friend. I am hospital-ridden every Friday (soon to switch days so I can reconvene another Friday standing appointment) from 6:45 a.m. until 4 p.m. for my infusion session. And let me be clear, without that infusion, I would be 100% bedridden like I was last summer and the one before. So now I am able to be out of the bed for about 25% of the time. Wait a sec... God is so good, I tell you! My writing was just now interrupted by a call from my doctor's office. As much as I appreciate my infusions, it's a pain for me and my doctor's staff trying to schedule them and keep it all in order. His assistant just called to say that she was able to book me for the rest of the year AND into the beginning of 2012. It's an even bigger deal because so many dysautonomia patients don't have access to this treatment, so I try not to moan and groan about how time-consuming it is. If spending one day each week in the hospital results in my having a bit more mobility to care for Sir, then I shall endure until I can endure no more. "Be good. Be patient. Be in the moment." ~MissNikkiAnn
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