Monday, June 13, 2011

PSP Lego Pirates of the Caribbean and SONY Issues

This is the newest PSP game that Sir wants. But right now...right now...I am so pissed off with SONY. **insert explicit words here** I'm not just upset about the techies who jacked SONY, I'm upset that you still can't get on the site to see your account. How friggin' long will it take? And all the while, I see them out and about in techie land promoting new shyt! Screw your new shyt, SONY! Fix the shyt you own that ain't working, gosh-dernit!!!! And you no longer even mention on your blog or on Twitter that users can't access their accounts. It's like you're trying to paint a picture that everything is back to normal, just to keep your stocks steady. What the heck, SONY!? Then you GIVE us free games that our gaming systems can't access because we can't get into your system! And just to think, I was hoping to one day invest in a PS3 for my mom (yeah, my mom!). I don't even trust y'all anymore! NOPE.