Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It is said that...

It is said that...

"There is no failure in being human. It does not matter if you waste your life, or you use your life appropriately, Whatever you are choosing to do is just fine. There are no mistakes, there are no failures. There is nothing you can do wrong. The essences of wrong was given to you as a limitation; as was the frequency of death to limit you and bind you in fear. In the Orient they bind the feet. In some cultures they bind the head, in others they bind the heart. Cut away all things that bind you and no longer serve you." - Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

"The Secret" is based upon the concept that thoughts are things. Change your thoughts, and you change your world. This is true, but for most people, changing your thoughts can be challenging. First of all, what ARE your thoughts? Can you differentiate between your thoughts and the thoughts you have absorbed from your parents, peers, and society? Who are YOU in the process?" - Janet D. Swerdlow, "Law of Attraction: Beyond the Secret"

"We are entrained in second-hand desires that aren't necessarily our own desires. Bogged and mired in emotions of guilt, shame, servitude, sorrow, separation, despair that carry their own vibration. Nearly every child grows up buying hook, line, and sinker into collective beliefs of sin, sickness, and death so that what to date we've been creating on Earth is pretty much war, pollution and blight. " -Evelyn Rodriguez

""Getting to heaven" will no longer be the ultimate purpose in life. Creating heaven wherever you are will be seen as the prime objective. To experience this, people will not have to confess any sins or fast during daylight hours or travel on pilgrimages or go to places of worship weekly or tithe regularly or perform any particular ritual or act - although they may choose to do any of these things if it pleases them..." - Neale Donald Walsh, What God Wants