Saturday, June 02, 2007

"Dipping? Quitting?" by Jennifer Louden

I love to visit Jennifer's page for her refreshing honesty and insight. This is a post I stumbled upon today:

"Seth Godin has a new book out, The Dip, reviewed brilliantly here by Andy Wibbel.

I want to read Seth's book because I'm fascinated by the people I meet who share a blearily stunned expression while muttering, "Wait a minute. I'm living my dream and it's not all rosey. I'm still struggling. I still get burned out, disappointed or even fail! By definition, I didn't think that could happen."

As more and more of us have taken the plunge to live more authentically and to follow our hearts, thus often striking out to work for ourselves so that we don't have to cut ourselves into little pieces working for "the man," more and more of us are realizing, "Whoops, that doesn't mean happily ever after."

If you think nobody could be that naive, you'll have to call me Pollyanna because I certainly believed, FOR YEARS, that doing what I loved for my living conveyed upon me a kind of super girl protection, which included, but was not limited to, never being bored, never burning out, and never wondering if my life had any meaning.

It took a whole lot of dips to learn that there is no Omega point! There is no place to get to. That's what makes me queasy about The Secret--to me, and this may be me, well, of course it's me, but can you see my point?-- the line of thinking in that movie enforces a "get there and get it and then live happily ever after." And if you don't? Then you didn't do it right.

Thoughts on what it is like to live your dream? Or what dips have been part of living your dream?"