Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Man Up The Street Update

Yup, another Man Up The Street spotting, but with a twist. Yes, I have seen him on the streets, but this spotting was on TELEVISION--The People's Court, to be exact. He was on there with that girlfriend I told you all about. Actually, she's now his ex-girlfriend. And I learned way more about them than I needed to know (like how she's had a hysterectomy). Man Up The Street was claiming that when he did his last stint in prison, the ex-girlfriend was supposed to take care of his outside business. He receives disability and wanted her to pay his bills with that money. He claimed that she'd stolen over $2,000 of that money. She claimed that she did as she was told to do with it and had kept a written record of all transactions. She also claimed abuse by both the hands of Man Up The Street and his 16-year-old son (and she had police reports to prove it). He stated, "Your Honor, I didn't know we was having problem until now." Um, excuse me Man Up The Street, you've been abusing this woman and lazying around on her couch (as she called it); and you didn't think y'all were having problems. For real? Un-huh. Man Up The Street... **Nikki sighs** Okay, The People's Court is filmed in New York, so he went out of state to lose this case when he could have stayed home (away from TV Land) and lost with dignity. Now e'erybody knows his business. I knew he was on TV because Neighbor rang my phone and told me to turn the channel. I was so excited that I packed Sir up (hair uncombed and all) and went across the street to view it with them. Man Up The Street. Other information that the judge got from him was that he'd been arrested for DUI 8 times. The judge pondered as to why they kept letting him go from prison early. And after his last stint, he was released under the care of the ex-girlfriend. Now why would she let this dude come back to her place? Especially when she told the judge that after she'd had her hysterectomy, he'd threatened to kick her in her stomach. What? Maybe a month ago Man Up The Street and Sir had the kindest and most gentle moment when they'd spotted a rabbit in his mother's yard and he proceeded to show Sir its beauty. **Nikki Ann shakes her head** Anywho, Miss Nikki Ann must go. I've talked enough about Man Up The Street. Latas!