Thursday, November 30, 2006

Come To Find Out...

You should always go with your first instincts...

I attend block watch meetings and try to keep in contact with my local police department. I know officers by name and often stop and talk to them on the street. The other week I called my favorite officer about a suspicious looking car that was parked across the street; and he took down all the available information. Just the other day I was out front talking to Neighbor when my favorite officer pulled up. We chatted and I complimented him on the great job I saw them doing in town to stop drunk drivers and speeders over the Thanksgiving Holiday. He then informed me that they had arrested the guy I'd phoned in about the week prior--some woman phoned in that she'd spotted him smoking weed in the park and they were able to catch him in the act.


When the officer left, Neighbor said, "I wouldn't let him know where I live." I said, "Well, I prefer he knows who I am, just in case I need some help."


Yesterday Sir and I were leaving his Godparent's house (which is around the corner). Thank God I'd driven because it was dark when we left. I looked out and saw the boys in blue searching through all the neighbor's backyards. Come to find out, someone had just robbed one of our neighbors and had tried to rob another (and these are neighbors we know).

My point? I don't sit and wait for shit to go wrong. I don't call the cops to rat folks out, I call the cops to keep my family and my neighbors safe. And as much as I love Neighbor, she is ignorant as to how important it is that the police know us and receive our help in protecting us. We live in this neighborhood and we know it best. We can be better protected by being able to supply these officers with what they need to catch criminals.

FYI: If you call the cops and make an anonymous call and they get to the so-called scene of the crime and don't see anything going down, they don't have a right to arrest anyone. You have to give your name. Withholding that information doesn't do anyone you care about any good.

Second FYI: The internet is packed with videos showing people how to pop locks--I just saw it on the news yesterday.

I'm not the baddest chick (I wanted to put the B word there), but I will not sit, afraid, in my home as some punks ruin a beautiful neighborhood. Yes, I am thankful for the work the Police Department does, but my neighborhood is as quiet, friendly and nice as it is because we work hard to keep it that way. It takes work. And sometimes you've got to put your fears aside to lookout for yourself and those you love.

Miss Nikki Ann