Friday, October 20, 2006

It's Friday?

So, I'm trying to do three tasks at once, while Sir is napping--which only lasts a few minutes. I'm watching The Office on Tivo, doing something on the computer for my mom, and trying to type this post...A few too many things at once.

Tonight we're supposed to have high winds around 40-50 mph. I can't wait. There's nothing like a stormy, windy fall night, listening to the leaves brushing up against things outside. Today I tried to pay particular attention to be beautifal fall foliage; it's peak it approaching and I don't want to miss a thing. The other day Sir and I spotted this beautiful hot pink leaf. It was breathtaking and I had to stop and admire it, knowing that its color wouldn't last forever. *sigh*

Anywho! Shout out to Ang for selling her house and closing on a new one!

Today I approached a woman who was in JC Penney with her two children who were in a stroller. The older child was playing with a retro electronics game; it was that red, phone-ish-looking toy with numbers on it. I commented how I couldn't believe they had one and asked where she'd gotten it. She reminded me that the toy is called Melin and told me to check on line. I wanted to post it here for those who can't remember how it looks, but I'm not working on my own computer and I keep getting a block when I try to post a picture Oh well!

I justed wanted to say, hi. I'm excited to view the rest of The Office before Sir stirs from his sleep. I'll chat with youz latas.

Crap...he's up. *sigh* I guess that was about a 15 minute nap. Mom is laughing at me. I just told her: "Sometimes I can't stand him. Why can't he just get some damn sleep! Shit!" Yes, those were my exact words. Now she's laughing even more. I'm laughing too. I love my mom! I'm glad she finds humor in my stressful moments. Actually I just think she's laughing at me, remembering how it was when she was raising my brother and me.

And now that I've released that frustration, I guess I should go and get Sir...I guess. Maybe he wants to watch The Office too...

The computer won't let me use the spell check, so forgive my typos.