Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Pain

The baby is doing some major teething, so we didn't go to swim class today! Yea!!!!! Of course I'm happy about the class and NOT the teething. Poor guy's face is swollen something awful! FYI: That picture is old; he now has 8 teeth.

I have a new mommy friend named Jakki. We met at the library during one of Isom's classes. Jakki and I have a few strange things in common. After speaking with her on the phone, I realized that we've both been applying for the same jobs. I remember telling her my educational background, but I'd forgotten to ask about hers. She too has a BA in English and a graduate degree in Communications. The only difference is that I'm a semester away from my Communications degree. Go figure. She went to an HBCU (Spelman), as did I (Tuskegee). She's black, I'm black! LOL She's funny and smart. I'm... Hmph! Maybe not so funny--depending on how the wind is blowing...

**Hmmm... Nikki stops to think a moment.**

Oh crap! With Jakki as my competition, I'll never get a job! I won't be able to buy food. Sir and I will starve to death...


Actually, that's already happening.


I feel better.

Anywho. I should go. The main character in my novel is having some issues and I need to help her out. Poor girl, I'm going to have to cut a couple of characters out of the book. I'm figuring it'll be a very traumatic experience for her and she'll need a shoulder to lean on. And that shoulder will have to be mine because, unfortunately, it won't be Kane's, her cake daddy, loverboy--I have to kill him off, too. I'm just trying to help the sista' out. Little does she know, I had written the part so that he was physically abusive to her. So she shouldn't miss him. **Note to Crystal: I'm sorry, but he has to go. I'm trying not to totally change the story, but the book is just way too long. Don't worry, you'll probably catch him beating up on another one of my characters in an upcoming book (That's a sick thing to look forward to!). And you know me, tomorrow I could decide that he needs to make a reappearance. Who knows!**

Until latas............................

Last tidbit: Um, Sir and I are nowhere near starving. But if you've got a few extra mil around and don't know what to do with it, we wouldn't complain about taking it off of your hands.