Monday, August 07, 2006

Man Up The Street UPDATE

Yes, it's Man Up The Street, outside in the pouring rain reading the paper and smoking a cigarette at 6:45 am (This photo is blurred because I don't know if, legally speaking, I should be snapping photos of the dude. And don't even ask why I was up nosing around in his business.). I fear that things have taken a sour turn for Man Up The Street. Rumor has it that he tried to bum some cigarettes off of my cousin the other day, but cousin didn't have any to spare. We fear that what he really wanted was some money. Then this afternoon Mom and I spotted him in the northend of Hartford. Funny part? He had a cigarette in his hand. I guess he finally got his nicotine fix. Other rumor has it that his drug issue probably really has resurfaced--at least that's what neighbor says. He was telling her that he's working for the Urban League and stuff and that he's supposed to be staying in some sort of group housing. Um....really now? How can that be if he's here all the time. Come on Man Up The Street. I'm rooting for you. At least when you were outside calling folks all kinds of BITCHES your life seemed a little more stable. When we waved at you today, you just didn't look good. Not at all.