Friday, August 11, 2006

Man Up The Street UPDATE & More

It's another Man Up The Street spotting. And for once it wasn't I doing the snooping; mom informed me that he was up to some suspicious activity. She wondered how a man recently released from jail could have a cell phone and spanky white new clothing. **Nikki shrugs her shoulders**

Sir and I spent some much needed time with Mrs. Miller in her yard. She was zapping weeds and sprucing things up a bit. Mrs. Miller is my second mom. Her daughter and I have been best friends since I was born. LuCiana and I share the same birthday (except she's a year older) and we've been neighbors for almost 31 years now--Ciana now has her own home, but she's always over.

Mrs. Miller and I delighted in old neighborhood stories, and, she spoke passionately about women being able to do things on their own. We both agreed that waiting on a spouse or significant other to get the job done can sometimes lead to it never being done (not in all cases, but in lots). Mrs. Miller was like a June Cleaver (actually, both she and my mom were). She was a stay-at-home mom until LuCiana went to school (they have 5 children in total, and with Ciana being the youngest, there was a HUGE age gap between her and her siblings). Mrs. Miller took a position at our schools JUST to keep a watch on all of us neighborhood kids. As soon as our last neighbor, Shawn, finished school, she left the school system. I always thought that was such an honorable thing.

She spent her time making Ciana and I matching, themed outfits for different holidays, and playing board games with us. She and my mother made a great unit and helped each other in many ways; both their husbands worked tiring full-time jobs, and they leaned on each other for extra strength. Mrs. Miller helped to nurture the responsible women I've become, and my gratitude is endless.

Added note: Man Up The Street is The Millers' neighbor. And I know we all wish more for him.

So it was a great day. Sir and I also spent time with Neighbor as she finished washing her car. Tony and Joe did some work on the inside of the house. Sir and I spent time in the park. Rishawn came to visit. I spoke with Crystal on the phone (that's ALWAYS interesting). I had a retina appointment--which inconclusively diagnosed me with White Dot Syndrome (more specialists to see). Sir and I made our daily visit to Aunt Theldra and Uncle Robert Earl's to watch the last soap opera. Mom and I caught the Poland Spring Water Sale at Big Y ($3.33 for a 24-pack). Sir and I skipped swimming class, AGAIN (yea!).

Overall it was busy, busy, busy. Tomorrow mom is making German Chocolate Cakes (yes, that's plural). Eating them always brings back thoughts of my grandmother, who is in the hospital right now. Oh yeah, I returned lots of phone calls between today and yesterday, which is pretty good for me. I have a few more to do, but I plan on getting back to everyone. And I can't forget to add that Thembi arrived safely by plane--and with the craziness that's going on, that's a blessing.