Friday, April 21, 2006

My Gratitude & The Walker

I just want to say Thank You to three of my earthbound angels: Crystal, LuCiana & Kirk. You guys were my aid and my strength. You made this week's faith-journey bearable. It was a profound experience that stills lingers with me today. With the many forms of negativity that come at us and through us, it is even more faith-affirming to know that I've been given wonderful earth guides to help me navigate my journey. I am blessed and I am filled to an extent that surpasses words.

Last tidbit: Isom is in his walker. He was upset that I was typing and cried for me to take him out. He is now limp and asleep, hanging off of the side of the walker. Every couple of seconds his head bobs, he looks around to let out a short cry, and then falls to sleep again. Umph, umph, umph. Let me go place him in his crib for his morning nap.