Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Isom's Drinking Habit

My people, my people, my people! This baby is off da hook! Do you hear me? He won't sit still, he won't play by himself, he's climbing 12 flights of stairs, and now, I'm wondering if he's got a drinking habit. I'm begging y'all to call Social Services on me, it's a perfect way for me to get rid of Mr. Bizzy.

Hmmm, I'd been looking for my stash. Where you been all my life, baby?

No, it cain't be empty. And now I'm caught.

Oh, here are my cans. Ms. I'm-Always-Tired ain't even noticing. Perfect timing. And why is she always tired? I sleep through the night now. Pathetic.

Come on can! I ain't got all day. Gym class is in two hours.

Man, I'm caught. Wow! look at that angry woman. Black womens knows they can yell! I think I'll be single forever. Marriage!? Hmph! What is Uncle Peanut thinking!

Oh, now she wants to be friendly, just when I was about to call DSS.

Man, I loves dis tired old hag. Gimme my sugah, girl.

Well, this old hag has got to go. You can go to my photo album to view more pictures from this collection. Just click on the Isom's Drinkig Habit album, and choose the speed at which you'd like to view the album. These pictures are hot off the press and were taken just minutes ago after I REALLY did catch him messing with Peanut's beer.