Friday, April 07, 2006

In That Order

Got up.

It was later than usual, so I didn't pump bresatmilk as I usually do (stocking up for wedding events)

Got Isom.

Breastfed Isom.

Got dressed.

Tried to eat breakfast as Isom, in his highchair, fussed at me.

As I ate, tried to get Isom to eat his oatmeal.

Got tired of being fussed at and took him out of his chair.

Breastfed Isom as I tried to eat, which I never do because breastfeeding kills my appetite.

Lost appetite and threw food out.

Got Isom dressed and combed his hair, which he hates.

Gathered Isom's things for our day out with mom.

Got into the car with mom and Isom.

Went by the Dixon's.

Went to grocery store with Isom and Mom and tried to be enthusiastic as folks coddled and cooed at Isom (I love that he gets attention from his favorite folks at our favorite stores--people who knew him while he was in my belly-- it's just that it turns a quick trip to the store into a long one).

Went back home to drop off groceries.

Drove around the corner to see what Mr. & Mrs. Allison had for sale at their garage sale.

Was hoping to find a TV stand for Isom's new television.

Saw my cousin, Gia, her husband, Wallace, my Aunt Theldra, and my cousin, Tony.

We took a walkthrough of the Allison's house, which is across the street from Aunt Theldra's house, as Aunt Theldra watched over Isom who was asleep in the car.

Left the Allison's and chatted with my family in front of Aunt Theldra's house. Aunt Theldra voiced her anger over the fact that she wasn't invited out last night when we all took Peanut out for drinks. Now she's threatened that she'll be doing something even grander for him and she won't be including us (me, Gia, Tony, nor Wallace).

Isom woke up, so I changed him before we drove off.

Went to East West Bridal to look for a dress for mom.

Breastfed Isom.

Went to another dress shop.

Went by the Dixon's again.

Tried to contain my anxiety as Isom fussed and yelled at me for having him in the car for too long.

Went to Burger King.

Gave Isom some bread and the pickle off of my sandwich.

Sat in the car and ate as mom went back to the Allison's to look for a TV stand.

Came home and breastfed Isom.

Changed Isom.

Noticed that he still had pickled lodged in his cheeks--but I did nothing about it.

Went to retrieve a container that I'd left in the car.

It started raining on me.

While outside, decided to shake the crumbs out of Isom's car seat.

Came inside.

Farted around for a few minutes.

Changed Isom's poop.

Breatfed Isom, AGAIN, as we watched Lil' Kim: Countdown to Lockdown on TIVO.

Noticed that Isom still had pickle lodged in his cheek.

Chatted with Isom and showered him with kisses as he ate my face.

Tried to play with Isom some more as he tried to ignore me (you know that blank stare that babies do when they're uninterested).

Walked Isom down the hall and snuggled in his neck as he patted me on the head (as if to say, It's okay, girl.).

Walked Isom into the bathroom to watch Annie (what Isom calls my mother) clean with her new cleaning toy (mom is obsessed with cleaning, she's now cleaning the basement as I'm typing).

Enjoyed the fresh scent of Tilex, bleach and Fantastic--nostalgia.

Walked Isom into his room and placed him in his crib.

Patted him on the back and told him to take a nap.

Walked downstairs and turned on the computer.

Went to AP's blog and read her brilliant, new installment.

Decided to type up a post.

Typing now.

Wondering what to do next...

I think I'll go and take a shower.

Wondering if Isom still has the pickle lodged in his cheek.

Off to gather my things for the shower.

My day started at 6:45 am, which was a late start for me, and it is now 3:30 pm. Phew! Still a few hours until Isom's bedtime at 7:00 pm, and then I can work on my novel, or put my black behind ta' sleep! I think the latter.