Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Make a Contribution Day

Thanks to the people who've been emailing AND calling me about the doctor appointment. I had a jam-packed schedule today, and so I didn't make any progress in that area (poor Ang, you tried so hard to get me to call the doctor today, I love you for it). Tomorrow will be a lot slower, and I'm planning to call another doctor. But, please continue to hound me until you hear me say I have an official appointment.

My therapy session was amazing. Kathy is a brilliant woman. One of the steps to FREEDOM that we discuss coincides with the letter M. M stands for Make a Contribution. Kathy always asks me how my actions/non-actions & goals have made a contribution. And after a lot of thinking, I saw a wonderful "vine" of contributions taking place.

Here's the vine:

--I go to Kathy for therapy and she helps me with my issues.

--I take that help and knowledge and spill my guts on my webpage.

--My friends and family read my page and learn something.

--My friends and family pass my page on to someone else and they learn something.

--And, my prayer is that the next person (whom I've never met) will pass it on to someone else.

The next thing you know, almost 100 people have been helped because of Kathy's initial investment in my mental well-being. Crazy, isn't it?

So, today I have a project for anyone who has a couple of seconds to spare. I'd like to prove the power of the "VINE."

About 5 days ago, I was browsing through to see what kinds of webpages other people had up. I can across this one blog titled: " be overweight." It's by this fat woman who's trying to lose the pounds. Having watched a dear friend of mine suffer from excess weight, I decided to reach out to this woman whom I've never met, and I left her a comment (the same way you guys do for me). Each day that passed, I checked her webpage to see if she'd made any progress, but she didn't post for a few days. Believe it or not, I worried about her. I wondered how things were going. Today I went to her page and she wrote about how she'd failed and would start dieting again "tomorrow."


It made my heart sink.

For some reason my heart tugs for this woman. She's just like the rest of us, in need of support and inspiration. I was hoping that we could extend a "VINE" to her. All I want is for you guys to go to her page and leave words of encouragement (ex: "You can do it," "You're perfect the way you are," "Love yourself," "Change takes time"--you get it).

Remember, I don't know this lady from a crack in the street pavement. I just think she'd feel so inspired if we reached our "VINE"out to her. How amazing would it be to see words of encouragement from complete strangers.

Anywho, let's MAKE A CONTRIBUTION. Life has given so much to us, why can't we give back a little something. I'm hoping that at least 10 of you will help me with this. Here's her webpage address: Just click on that link and you'll be directed to her page. I'll be checking her page to see how many of us have participated. And feel free to email me to let me know you've participated.

And be sure to pass this to your friends. The more the better.

A thought:

In one of my favorite books, "Conversations with God," God explains that if you want something, try giving it to someone else first. God says that, what you give to another, you give to yourself.

MAKE A CONTRIBUTION--it'll come right back to you..